CCDC Orientation and Open House 2015 information

ccdc orientation flyer 2015-orientation, open house update

Orientation will be held on Monday, September 28th, from 7-9PM in Rolfe 3105. Come out to learn about our club and meet leadership!

Open House will be held that weekend: Saturday, October 3rd, from 5-8PM in Kerckhoff Grand Salon and Sunday, October 4th, from 10AM-1PM in Kerckhoff Grand Salon. Over these two days, you will be able to learn a short sequence of choreography from this year’s dances. Here, the instructors can get a feel for what dance will best suit you.

See the schedule!

Everyone is guaranteed one dance, so come try out for dances regardless of skill level and dance difficulty!

Email for any questions.

Dry Run #1

Hello dancers! Just a reminder that Dry Run 1 is this Sunday, Mar. 1 from 8AM-1PM in Kerkhoff Grand Salon. Make sure to arrive early as we will be starting promptly at 8. Please come with hair and makeup ready to go, and wear all black attire. As we get closer to performance day, it is crucial that everyone shows up to these rehearsals. Unless you have notified the instructors/ Yue Ming ahead of time, absences will not be tolerated. If you have questions, please email Yue Ming. She sent an email out earlier this week regarding Dry Run 1, so for additional details, please refer to that.

See you all bright and early on Sunday. Keep practicing those dances! 🙂

Progress Check #2

Hello CCDCers! Hope you all had a lovely winter break. Just a reminder that Progress Check #2 is this coming Saturday, January 17th in Kerckhoff Grand Salon from 4-9PM. Note that this progress check is not in the morning like it usually is! Please be there ~10 min early as we will be marking tardies and counting them seriously as consequences!

  • Please come dressed in all BLACK form-fitting attire. Bring appropriate shoes
  • Makeup and hair needs to be done PRIOR to progress check. We do not have time to go over everything in detail lke we did last time.
  • Performance Fee Contracts are will be collected. Check the email Yue Ming sent out for the form. Please print, fill out, and turn it in on Saturday.

More details can be found in the email that Yue Ming sent out a couple of weeks ago, so please refer to that if you have any additional questions.

Looking forward to seeing all the dances on Saturday!

Dim Sum & Boba Fundraiser

Hi everyone, great job at Progress Check today! Now get excited for another Dim Sum & Boba Fundraiser that will be taking place Thursday, 12/11/14 from 9am-4pm @ Bruin Plaza. Whether you want to work off your performance fees or just buy some great food to support CCDC, definitely try to stop by!

Judy has already sent out a sign up email, so please start signing up for shifts! See you all on Thursday 🙂

Progress Check #1

Hi everyone!

Progress Check #1 is finally here! We are excited to see all the dances and hope you are too. This progress check is MANDATORY for all members and will take place this coming Sunday, December 7th @ Kerckhoff Grand Salon from 8AM-11AM. Please plan to arrive ~10min early.

Some important things to note:

  • Stage make-up tutorial will take place from 8:25-9:00AM. Please bring all makeup supplies. Old members must come with full makeup and hair and new members must come with a clean/fresh face.
  • Hair must be tied back into a tight bun with a hairnet and slicked back with hair gel (or hair spray)
  • Please wear all black dance attire
  • Big/little gift exchange will also be taking place. Please remember to bring a small gift (~$5).

More details/information can be found in the email Yue Ming sent out. Please refer to that if you have additional questions! Keep practicing–and see you all bright and early on Sunday 🙂

Dim Sum & Boba Fundraiser

It’s that time again! Don’t forget to buy some dim sum and boba for yourself (or your friends) at CCDC’s fundraiser! Make sure to also join and invite your friends to the Facebook event:

Event: Dim Sum & Boba Fundraiser

Where: Court of Sciences (in front of Boelter Hall and next to the Bombshelter)

Date: Friday, November 7th, 2014

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

CCDC members, please check your emails for instructions on how to sign up for shifts. Hope to see you all on Friday!