Outside Performances

CCDC has been invited to a variety of different events–weddings, corporate banquets, charity events, cultural festivals, and the like–to provide professional and culturally enriching performances. Here is a list of prior events we have attended!


  • Diversity Week Performance– Woodbury University
  • USC CSA Chinese New Year Show (春晚)– USC
  • Citizens of the World Charter School at Mar Vista–Chinese New Year Assembly
  • Center for Early Childhood Education California– Chinese New Year Classroom Celebration
  • Chinese American Association of Construction Professionals Lunar New Year Banquet– NBC Seafood Restaurant
  • Broadway Elementary School– Chinese New Year Celebration


  • FCC So-Cal Heritage Day Festival — Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services
  • Semblanza Lationamericana 2012– “Asia in America”
  • Feast’s 1st Chinese New Year Celebration — Feast Dining Hall
  • ORL Lunar New Year Celebration– UCLA dorms
  • Clinton Middle School–Dance demonstration for ancient Chinese history course
  • UCLA Chinese Club’s Lunar New Year Festival–Kerckhoff Grand Salon
  • Dinner with 12 AAPI Stranger– Covel Commons
  • ACA’s Chinese American Cultural Night– UCLA Royce Hall
  • Grandpa Cao’s 91th Birthday Celebration–Lincoln Hotel in Monterey Park


  • Magnet Charter School — in celebration of Lunar New Year
  • Chinese American Culture Night for ACA at UCLA


  • First United Methodist Church Preschool — Lunar New Year
  • GE Capital — Lunar New Year Celebration
  • Aegis Living of Granada Hills — Chinese Heritage Month Celebration


  • The Chiu/Tang Wedding at the Hilton Waterfront
  • The Joy Luck Club Reading at the Alhambra Public Library
  • Chinese New Years Celebration for CSA at UCLA
  • Worldfest for Cultural Affairs Commission

If you’d like us to perform at your event, please take a look at our booking page.