Dance Descriptions

2015-2016 Dances

采薇 || Swaying Willows
Instructor: Ellen Gerdes
Dance Level: Beginner

An illustration of the poem, “Shi Jing,” this classical sleeve dance portrays the soft nature of the willow tree. The poem uses the willow tree as a metaphor for the longing a traveler feels to return home. Home represents comfort and a return to equilibrium once more, which is depicted by the dance’s repetition of stepping patterns that conform to unified spatial formations.

小城雨港 || Raindrops in the Village
Instructor: Jaclyn Yuan
Dance Level: Beginner

A light summer rain covers the village in a soft haze of fog. Through the gray mist, young maidens traverse the narrow streets with delicate steps under their painted umbrellas. Eventually, the temptation to play in the rain takes over, and elegance turns into youthful energy.

风荷语笠 || Words of the Wind
Instructor: Gigi Cheng
Dance level: Intermediate

Imitating the swaying movements of bamboo in the wind, dancers use bamboo hats as they smoothly glide across the stage in this elegant, Li minority piece. In this dance, you will be utilizing all of your body from head to toe to illustrate the fluidity of nature’s movements.

鸿雁 || Flight of the Swan Geese
Instructor: Amy Yu
Dance Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Accepting males

The vast Mongolian grasslands are home to the elegant swan geese, a migratory bird that winters in central and eastern China before returning to Mongolia in spring. The beauty of their tight-knit flocks soaring through calm skies and braving harsh storms in their quest to return north inspires wistful nostalgia in those far from home. A 200-year-old traditional ballad, sung in both the Mongolian language and Mandarin Chinese, captures the nostalgic beauty of the swan geese, portrayed in classic Mongolian style dance.

女儿花 || Flower Daughters
Instructor: Jaclyn Yuan
Dance Level: Intermediate – Advanced

The Dai minority originates from the southwestern area of China, where the land is beautifully rich with water and greenery. With synchronized movements that are both sinuous and sharp, this dance expresses the deep love of life that grows from the earth and strengthens its people.

和 || Together
Instructor: Gigi Cheng
Dance Level: Advanced
Accepting males

This contemporary piece highlights the harmony and beauty in uniformity. The strong, deliberate movements of this dance brings out the importance of cooperation and unity within the team of dancers. Emphasis will be put on stamina and ability to stay on beat with the counts of the music.

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