Club Introduction and Policy

For prospective, new, and returning members, find a breakdown of how the club works here. Much of this information can also be found in the Membership Guidelines. You can also look at this year’s Orientation powerpoint.


CCDC’s mission is to promote appreciation of Chinese culture through a variety of traditional, ethnic, martial-arts inspired, and contemporary dance. To do so, the club provides free dance classes for beginner to advanced skill levels, which culminate in a cultural celebration and showcase of the Chinese performing arts in spring.

While anyone is free to learn any of the year’s offered dances, placement in dances for performance in Lotus Steps is only guaranteed to those who audition during Open House or the first week of classes. After this time, prospective members must contact the instructor of the dance they are interested in.


Lotus Steps is CCDC’s free, professional-level showcase that takes place every spring quarter. People from UCLA and the greater Los Angeles community are invited to see a year’s worth of dedication and hard work put on a professional stage by our dancers.


Dances classes are free. But there is a base fee for those performing in Lotus Steps, with an additional $10 (supporting members) or $20 (non-supporting members) per additional dance*. This fee goes entirely into paying for quality costumes and for the performance venue. CCDC holds multiple fundraisers throughout the year, and part of the profits from fundraisers are deducted from participating members’ performance fees. Members can also reduce their fees by participating in outside performances or by recruiting new members (recruiting new members reduces the fee by $20 per recruitment).

CCDC requires performers to sign a performance fee contract to indicate their intent to perform at Lotus Steps and their promise to pay. This contract is due by Progress Check 2 and will become available closer to this rehearsal. The performance fee themselves are due by Dry Run 1 unless a performer notifies the Internal President to discuss and set a payment plan.

*The base fee covers your payment for the performance venue and the costume for one dance. The additional dance fee covers the cost of costumes for each additional dance you perform in.


All members are guaranteed performance in at least one dance if they try out during Open House or the first week of classes. This dance, however, may not be the dance you tried out for, as instructors make placements based on where they feel you’d best excel. Regardless of dance placement, dancers can attend any class throughout the year to learn.

Unless notified by an instructor, classes meet once per week. If you must miss a class, you are responsible for notifying your instructor and learning any missed choreography. For further details, see our attendance policy below.

It is also required that dancers wear proper dance attire: clothes you are able to move freely move in (no denim), ballet shoes, and long hair tied back. For further details, see our attire policy below.


There are four mandatory rehearsals throughout the year: two progress checks and two dry runs. These rehearsals are a way for instructors and other members to see the progress of and provide feedback for the dances. Performance hair and makeup (detailed in our attire policy) are mandatory for all rehearsals.


This is a mentor program where returning college-level members are paired with new and/or junior dancers, meant to help members meet and interact with others outside of their respective dances.


The junior dance program is run in collaboration with Families with Children from China, providing a space for young children to experience Chinese culture through dance. The requirements for junior dancers to join the club and the expectations held of them are the same as those detailed in the Club Introduction and Club Policy.


To become a CCDC member, complete and submit the online Membership Guidelines (REQUIRED), Membership Form (REQUIRED), and Supporting Membership Form* (OPTIONAL) and turn in a signed waiver/release agreement (REQUIRED) to the Internal President. These forms can be found on our Important Forms page.

Join our Facebook group, like our Facebook community page, and follow this website for quick updates!

*By paying a voluntary $30 fee, you can become a supporting member. Supporting members receive benefits, including two extra General Entrance Lotus Steps tickets and discounts on all club merchandise. Becoming a supporting member also reduces the additional dance fee from $20 to $10.


Interested in being more involved with the club? CCDC has plenty of opportunities to do so. While only returning members can join leadership*, committees are open to everyone and work closely with leadership with their responsibilities. The following committees are open for the coming year:

  • Backstage (Artistic Committee): Help rehearsals and Lotus Steps run smoothly by ensuring dancers are ready to perform. Backstage cannot perform in Lotus Steps.
  • Artistic Committee: Assist in various responsibilities given to the Artistic Department as the department head sees fit, such as keeping track of inventory and helping with graphic design
  • Logistics Committee: Assist in various responsibilities given to the Logistics Department as the department head sees fit, such as helping with fundraisers or reserving spaces for club events.
  • Internal Committee: Assist in various responsibilities given to the Internal Department as the department head sees fit, such as maintaining club websites and assisting with PR.

*Leadership applications and interviews take place during spring quarter.



CCDC enforces a strict attendance policy that will weigh heavily on your eligibility to perform in your dance(s), in Lotus Steps, and in joining leadership. Based on your attendance, your instructors have the ability to remove you from a dance. All practices and rehearsals are mandatory, and you must stay for the entire duration.

  • If you must be absent for any duration of practice, you must email your instructor ahead of time with a valid excuse.
  • If you must be absent for any duration of a rehearsal, you must email the Internal President ( AND your instructor(s) with a valid excuse three days before the rehearsal date. Unless an emergency, any excuse received after this deadline will not be accepted.


Proper attire is required to allow for ease of movement and to prevent injury. This includes comfortable clothing and ballet shoes with straps sewn and laces tied. If you are not in proper attire, you may be barred from dancing.

  • For practice, any dance-friendly clothing and ballet shoes are required. No denim, no jewelry. Hair must be tied and/or pinned back.
  • For rehearsal, clothes must be all black, dance-friendly, and free of large logos. Hair must be tied back into a tight bun with a hairnet, and all stray hairs must be slicked back with gel/hairspray and hairpins. Proper foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipstick must be applied.* No glasses, jewelry, or nail polish.

*Hair and makeup application will be gone over during Progress Check #1, but dancers must have their own supplies. In subsequent rehearsals, you are expected to have hair and makeup done prior to arrival.


Please be mindful of our practice, rehearsal, and performance spaces. Be sure to clean up after yourself and make sure we leave these spaces looking how we found them.